Insomnia Update

          In the middle of the night when I'm unable to sleep, I'm going to blog.  I woke up at 12:45 and it is almost 3 am.  Unfortunately, this is happening a lot lately.  I've always had trouble sleeping well or long and having kids has just worsened it.  It can be really frustrating, especially when you are trying to keep up with teenagers' schedules and haul a 1 year old around.

          We are finished with regular season soccer, and are moving on to post-season play this week.  As much as I've loved the outdoor soccer games, I'm ready to have weekends back and be done.  Currently, Cornerstone Christian Academy's record is 12-6-1.  When asked about their team, I usually reply 'they are good but not great.'  Only Moses is playing this year; Richard has aged out of high school athletics and is looking forward to playing for Heartland College next fall.  Bittersweet feelings towards that, but mostly positive thoughts as we look forward to transition for him.  It's the right thing and the right time.

     One thing I've learned (and keep learning) is how seasonal kids are, and how important it is for parents to move them (and ourselves) gracefully on to the next season without apology or lingering.  That's now to say we can't remember seasons wistfully, or fondly, but more to embrace inevitable life changes.  God has been gracious to me personally by easing some of the really big, hard transitions.  Maybe that analogy is a stretch, but as parents, I think we do have the opportunity to do that for our children.  I read a quote recently that said something along the lines that God is parenting us at the same time we are parenting our kids.  Lots of parenting in our house these days.    

     Speaking of changes...Happy 1 year birthday to Mikel!  Mikel is constantly changing and delighting us.  He is shaking his head no back at me when I tell him no-no, receiving hand flicks for disobeying, and is juuuuuuuuust starting to throw tiny fits.  That includes him turning around, crawling a few steps, and then laying flat on the floor and crying.  It's hilarious, and also gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  He also sweetly crawls to me for comfort after said hand flicks, and is ready for hugs and reconciliation.  He is a master stair crawler and goes up and down easily.  Mikel is delighted every morning by his collection of soccer balls, footballs and the occasional balloon.  I walk with him in the stroller 2-3 times daily when I'm off work, trying to soak up all the warm weather days when we can be outside.  He loves dogs, and I'm amazing by his eyesight- he will see them far off before I do, and start getting excited.  I'm also amazing at his memory.  Multiple times in the mornings, he has gone to a random cough or chair and starting making a fuss about something under it, and I go look and there is a tennis ball he rolled there the night before. 

     Things we are looking forward to: remodeling our main bathroom, a kid-free trip for Luke and I sometime soon since I'm done nursing (need.break.from.teenagers.), lazy Saturdays again, cool weather, seeing Tianna more.
Luke and I had such a fun weekend celebrating Brett and Sheila.

And it's now 3:15 and I'm going to try and sleep. :)  Happy Sunday!


  1. Lol. Oh insomnia 😴.. loved this update though. You look do pretty in wedding pic! Love sweet mikel and his ginger head. And yay for Richard going to hartford.. I need to catch up on that! Love each of you. M.


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