Mikel Luka : 8 months

I am so in love with this kid. Seriously. He is so fun to see every morning.  I never thought I would have a red haired, left-handed, fair skinned baby.
Currently, Mikel is loving food. His favorites are avocado, broccoli, chicken pasta all squished up and oatmeal with almond butter.  He sleeps around eight hours every night, and loves his 2 to 3 naps a day.  He is great at independent play, and usually gives me an hour or two where I can just work in the kitchen while he's playing in the living room.  I would not exactly describe his personality as strong, but he definitely knows his likes and dislikes.  He randomly learned how to headbutt people.  Mikel crawled at 8 months and I'm pretty sure he will be walking soon.  He loves his whole family, especially Luke when he gets home, and Moses when he shakes his hair.  Being my first baby, I'm not really exactly sure where he falls on the baby spectrum, but I think he is pretty easy.  He is a bright spot for all of us! His name is Hebrew for Michael, and means gift from God, and he truly is.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.    



  1. I'm so behind on blogs!! I LOVE these pictures, that sweet boy, and I love watching you as a mamma💜.. it's beautiful on you


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