On Being 30.

Earlier this week, I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I had quite a few thoughts leading up to the birthday.  I love to celebrate in the midst of daily life, so I was looking forward to a special weekday.  I was also reflecting on my twenties.  They were, well, kindof weird, wild and up and down.  Full of fun, loneliness and redemption.  I told Maria the highs were high and lows were low, and we both proceeded to laugh hysterically.  That's the best way to describe it!  I went from a sophomore in college, to a nurse graduate, to a travel nurse in California, to a nurse in Haiti, to living back in Fort Wayne, rooming with my sister (some of my best memories and worst fights took place in that house), getting engaged & married within 7 months, to Africa, to Illinois where I am a mom to boys of 20, 17 and almost 7 months.

I learned what grace is, not what I thought it was, but what IT REALLY IS.  
I get to share my birthday with some very special people.  My Grandpa Pfister is exactly 50 years older than me, so he turned 80 this year.  Mom Gudeman and I also have the same birthday.  Two years ago, we started a fun tradition of meeting in Chicago.  We shop and the men hold our things.  

The highlight of my weekend was for sure a surprise friends brunch on Saturday morning.  I did a day trip to Fort Wayne on Saturday from Francesville, and happily left all my boys there. (Thanks Mom G.)  I thought it was going to be just Mandy and I, but she had arranged for 8 friends to meet at the Friendly Fox.  I was only halfway surprised bc Mandy and I miscommunicated, so I called to clarify, and we were almost meeting at different placed! Yikes.  That would have been so sad!  But, thankfully, it all worked out.

it. was. so. fun.  I laughed harder than I have in months, and was totally relaxed.  My roasted veggie/feta/egg wrap was amazing and the latte was warm and cozy.  

I have struggled with loneliness and missing siblings and close friends, so this morning felt like such a gift.  
Life is so seasonal; kids have helped me see that more clearly. Seeing that has also helped me accept when life seasons bring different griefs and joys.  That doesn't always help on the hard days, but it's good truth to remind myself.           

Cheers to being thirty!        



  1. what a special birthday! thankful for your family & friends that made it just what you needed! :)

  2. I enjoyed this post. I'm not *quite* 30 but have already had similar thoughts of the vast difference of stages/highs/lows throughout my 20s. Such a big decade of change...Now that I think of it, maybe I'll be glad to see the 20s come to an end. ;)

  3. Well, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm thankful for my thirties and looking forward to them. Emily, I could have rambled on for a LONG time; I had so many thoughts and vague things to say. I will say this, I do think you will be happy and not sad to turn 30. :)
    And YES, T, the best of times, the worst of times.... like I said, worst fights, and best memories. Love you!

  5. Lol.. tianna;) I loved being along fo r the wild ride of your 20's.. can't wait to see what's in store this decade! And I loved that morning at the friendly fox too


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