Mikel's first Christmas

Christmas is always a week away from home for us.  We do a few days with Luke's family, then a few days with mine.  We also did our small Christmas the day before we left; stockings and pizza.  We keep it casual and small, knowing the next week we will be eating a lot and receiving a lot.  

First, some fun shots from Christmas. 

 Mom Gudeman had an amazing dinner as usual.  

 A rousing game of sting-pong ensued. 

 Grandpa Pfister.  We didn't know if he would be around this Christmas.  So thankful to celebrate another year with him!  

 Indigo whomped on Moses at Candyland and didn't let him forget it the rest of the evening.  

Random shots of daily life. 

 My favorite picture of him so far.  The clenched fists.  Half smirk.  Bow tie.  No hair.  I love him. 
 One of my work besties, helping me finish off leftover peppermint cheesecake.  

 A few shots of little man. 
Richard, running home from school. 10.5 miles.  NBD.  
 Eating cinnamon rolls & bacon for brunch at noon and watching futbol.  
Hot chocolate tasting for Gobena.  

We love and look forward to Christmas, and I'm so glad to come home and be done.  I always love getting back into daily life.  More on that next time.
Happy Tuesday!  


  1. oh gosh, your little man is such a sweetie! growing up so fast :)

    & i totally am with you on loving Christmas, but loving to get back into schedule & routine!


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