Summer 2016

There's too much to share about summer 2016 in one post.  I got a little behind this summer but that was mostly due to traveling, vacations and just living life.  I was apprehensive about school being done, but God really answered our prayers and provided for our family: jobs for R and M, special time spent and memories made with my husband, quality family time and a safe and healthy pregnancy.  I learned how God cares for the details of our lives, especially the ones that cause anxiety and fear.  He is so good and His timing in our lives is so good.  

New guest room, DIY and our lovely finished basement: 

  R and M love being in the basement, and Luke and I love the extra space, new guest room and privacy.  We really wanted to have a nice guest room for people to stay when they visit, and it's been fun redoing our house room by room.  It's amazing how much tastes change in 1 year.  

What our basement used to look like:


Jeremy, Maria, Jones & Max came to visit in June.  Loved seeing our boys interact with theirs.  

Gudeman family vacation in Branson, MO.  So hot & humid, we were literally in the lake or the pool the entire time.  

This picture is actually not from vacation, but from a different traveling trip- I just think it's hilarious, Richard trying hard to consume pretzels but just too tired.  

We had such a great time on vacation.  Love this extra family God gave me!

This post is being completed at 3:47 am, due to pregnancy sleep, or more accurately lack thereof.  Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Fun! You're basement looks great too! Love that wood in the guestroom. :) was just thinking about you this week - hopefully you're feeling well! :)

  2. Loved this:) it was sooooo great coming out! I can't wait to see the finished product in person!


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