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On Being 30.
Earlier this week, I celebrated my 30th birthday.  I had quite a few thoughts leading up to the birthday.  I love to celebrate in the midst of daily life, so I was looking forward to a special weekday.  I was also reflecting on my twenties.  They were, well, kindof weird, wild and up and down.  Full of fun, loneliness and redemption.  I told Maria the highs were high and lows were low, and we both proceeded to laugh hysterically.  That's the best way to describe it!  I went from a sophomore in college, to a nurse graduate, to a travel nurse in California, to a nurse in Haiti, to living back in Fort Wayne, rooming with my sister (some of my best memories and worst fights took place in that house), getting engaged & married within 7 months, to Africa, to Illinois where I am a mom to boys of 20, 17 and almost 7 months.

I learned what grace is, not what I thought it was, but what IT REALLY IS.  
I get to share my birthday with some very special people.  My Grandpa Pfiste…

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